Januar 2016: Ahnenforschung Nützmann

„Unsere“ Linie Nützmann

1. Phillip von Nutz (ca.1697-1813) – Gutsbesitzer Rittergut Kaeseke bei Demmin, gestorben in Demmin + ??? angeblich Adelstitel aus wirtschaftlicher Not verkauft (nach Plünderung seines Gutes durch schwedische Soldaten), Namensänderung in Nutzmann
2. Hinrich Nutzmann (??-??) + ??? geheiratet 10.10.1748 in Sanitz, späterer Wohnort: Teutendorf
3. Johann Jacob Nutzmann (1753 oder 1755 – ??) – Schäfer, geb. in Vietow bei Tessin, Schäfer in Grammow bei Tessin + Fredericke Sophie ?
4. Joachim Nutzmann (??-??) – Schäfermeister in Gr. Butzin + Friederike Sprinkmann
5. Christian Johann Christoph Nutzmann (1834-1896), Schäfermeister (Gr. Butzin, Gr. Lunow) + Helene Dorothea Caroline Schult (??-1912)
6. Heinrich Friedrich Christian Nützmann (1873-1926) – Schäfermeister in Groß Lunow + Anna Friederika Marie Ottilie Riedler (1888-1971)
7. Erich Fritz Ludwig Nützmann (1910-1985) – Stellmacher/Tischler in Gnoien + Hedwig Klara Sophie Erna Karla Marie Boldt (1911-1982)
8. Dr. Ilse Claer, geb. Nützmann (1933-2016) – Ärztin u.a. in Rostock, Wismar…

(Unsicher ist insbesondere die Verbindung zwischen Nr. 3 und Nr.4. Die Namen Nutzmann und Nützmann wurden weitgehend synonym verwendet.)










Familienwappen Nützmann


Die Nützmanns

Die Nützmanns


















Herr Philipp von Nutz

Diesen Brief fand ich in einer der einschlägigen Datenbanken. Er ist offensichtlich die Hauptquelle der Legende des Herrn Phillip von Nutz:

This is a letter which I aquired through family members that was appearently written in 1894 by Charles (AKA Carl in German) Heinderich August Nuetzmann while he was living in Bible Grove, Illinois. Charles name was Carl H. A. Nutzmann in Prussia but seemingly changed it after moving to the United States. The following is a translated copy of information sent by Carl Nuetzmann to his brother, August Nuetzmann. It was written in German script. Indications are that he also sent a copy of this to other brothers and possibly to relatives still in Germany.  Bible Grove, Clay County, Illinois February 1894. Where did the first Nutzmann originate? The first Nutzmann was an honored estate holder, a Herr Von. He was born the end of l600 or the beginning of 1700. His name was Phillip Von Nutz. He lived on the nobleman estate property “Kasike” by Dennin in Pomerania. He reached a very advanced age of 116 years, and had 9 sons. It is not known if he had daughters. He was married three times in his lifetime. The last time he was 70 years old. And with his last wife he had children even in his advanced years. The man had to experience dreadful war times. Through that he was heavily in debt. The fruits of the fields were given over to the soldiers and everything was trampled or destroyed. He was a poor man after the enemy left. Nothing was left his but his family and his title (Adel? which means nobleman). His property the debts absorbed. In early times there existed the right to sell a title. Today that is no longer possible. He finally sold his title so that he could manage and with that he managed fairly well. He was from then on a burgerlicher (an Ordinary Citizen?) and had to change his name. He held on to Nutz and then mann followed and called himself from then on Phillip Nutzmann. That was the first Nutzmann. Since he had given up his Adel (nobleman), he wanted his sons to learn a handcraft. ….. ……… His son born to him in his very advanced age lives today. He is now a very old man. He learned in his youth weaving in a small factory in Treplow on the Tolesea in Vorpommern. His business didn’t do too well. He had to give it up. He fared better and took a position with city Management in Treplow, a position he held for many years. He had to give that up because he was blinded by ……? He is at present in Berlin in an eye clinic and will have eye surgery if he isn’t too old. He had a son who was an officer and in 1870 had to go to France and was never heard from again. The old father was very upset by that. He has a daughter, the youngest child, lives in America in Chicago, She is 49 and married the second time. Her name is Wilhelmina Nuetzmann. Her present husband is Voigt and works in a bakery 2929 Wentworth Ave., Chicago, Illinois. During the world’s Fair I was a guest with them for 4 days. They are Methodists and I became acquainted with them through ay sister-in-law. I was invited because we were related. This woman told me what up to that time I hadn’t heard. She said that Phillip Von Nutz or Phillip Nutzmann as he later named himself was her grandfather. I said that could not be as it was too long ago. “Yes” said she, “Notice my grandfather, Phillip Von Nutz was such older than 100, in fact he because 116 years old. He died after the war with France 1813 and my father is nearly 100 and I am about 50, my father said he was the youngest son and I am my father’s youngest daughter and this is possible.” One of her father’s brothers was head forester (Oberforster). The oldest son was also Phillip Von Nutz. He went from home over the Pene near Demmin in Schwandish (Swedish) Pommern and from there across the ocean, some thought to Sweden, some think he drowned. His parents never heard from him. This son who left his parents home must certainly have been our great-great grandfather who arrived in Rappin on the Island of Rugen. All circumstances point to it. I will now tell what our father, some 35 years in the Smithy in Kluis on the Island of Rugen by the work, told me and again wrote. He said the first Nutzman came from Pommern over the Pene near the city Demmin. He ran away from home. It was during the war. Many soldiers were taken for money. Those they couldn’t get for money they made drunk and shanghaied or took them from their beds at night, dressed them in uniforms and carried them away. If they ran away they were declared deserters and shot. Our great-great-grandfather was strong and would have been a good soldier. There were plans to take him at night but friends warned his. He went the same day over the Pene out of the Prussian area and into the Swendesch Pommern and there he was free. He went and came over the great sea, namely the Ost Sea (East Sea). He came to the Island Rugen in Rappin and received work with a preacher as a servant or farmhand. He soon became coachman. He was at that time 18 or 19 years old and from coachman he became landlord (innkeeper?) in Rugen and was called manager of establishment. The preachers of that time had much land and needed a manager to oversee the management of cultivation of the land. The son of this one took over his position when he died. First he was coachman then manager. This man had two sons. It was understood that the oldest son should have his father’s position. He had it already as far as coachman. Then he became bad feet and as a result had to learn the tailoring handcraft. By the tailoring he eased his feet. The preacher liked him and did not like to have him leave so he sent him to the Seminar so that he could learn to take the position in Rappin. His youngest brother learned the smithy business. He had 3 sons and a daughter. Her name was Sophia. She carried a shoemaker in Rappin. She had no Children. The names of the 3 sons are Carl, Fritz, and Christoph. Christoph was 14 years old when his father died. Christoph is ay father. He married Christiana Sophia Marie Nee Bollow. Out of this marriage were children Carl, Malte, Wilhelm, August, and Albert. My father was born July 21, 1816 in Karnitz in Kahsemvitz near Rugen. My Bother was born July 19, 1813 in Kleinhaugen near Monchzul on the Island Rugen. She died when I was 14 in Kluis near Gingst on Rugen Sept. 28, 1855. My father married the second with Johana Kluhs. The marriage was richly blessed with children and they live in West Prussia. I wandered out after I had served with the Pommern soldier Battalion Austria and fought the war in 1866. In 1867 I came to this land July 27. From N.Y. I went to Chicago and then to Altamont and from there to Bible Grove, Clay County, ill, where I live today with my wife and children. I was born October 19, 1841 in Kluis on the Island Rugen in Pommerania in Germany. Carl Nutzmann An added postscript Carl Von Nutz was my great great grandfather. Greetings and warnings from Father Christoph Nutzmann and all Nutzmann sons who came to America. There was a bit more but it didn’t see clear.

1. Carl Heinderich August, 19 October 1841, died Jen. 2, 1907
2. Malte Carl Friederich, 15 September 1845, died Apr. 22, 1905
3. Wilhelm Carl Malte, 2 May 1848
4. August Gottlieb Julius, 11 July 1849, died Dec. 30, 1934
5. Albert Carl Wilhelm, 21 April 1853, died Oct. 28, 1889 Children of second marriage
6. Fritz Ferdinand Heindrich, 25 October 1856
7. Christoph Malte Hermann, 29 November 1857
8. Johanna Whilhelmmiene Henriette, 20 January 1860
9. Maria Auguste Cristianne, 17 August 1861
10. Marta Johanna Maria, 19 April 1864
11. Wilhelm Johan, 21 July 1865
12. Heindrich Carl Friedrich, 6 May 1867
13. Auguste Marta Caroline, 3 January 1869

These 4 names were on the back, no dates: Wilhem, Otto, Anna, Hermann.


Die Nützmanns in Indonesien
Der engagierte Ahnenforscher Roy Huijer aus den Niederlanden schreibt:
„Karl JOHANN Friedrich NÜTZMANN geboren 4 februari 1861 Carlsruhe Mecklenburg-Schwerin und Familie lebten in Padang Sumatra Indonesien anno 1900. Auf der rechten Seite mein Großvater Ernst Paul Friedrich NÜTZMANN.“

Familie Nützmann in Indonesien klein








Familie Nützmann in Indonesien

Ernst Paul Friedrich Nützmann (1907-1944)


Ernst Paul Friedrich Nützmann (1907-1944)
























Stammbaum klein


















Wie sind diese Nützmanns mit uns verwandt?
Johann Jacob Nützmann, geb. 1755 (laut Angabe in einer Datenbank in Vittow/Germany, womit wahrscheinlich Vietow bei Tessin gemeint ist), Schäfer in Grammow bei Tessin, war vermutlich der erste Schäfer unter den Nützmanns. Erst im Alter von 69 Jahren wurde er in Vietow bei Tessin Vater von Johann Christian Theodor Nützmann (geb. 1824), dessen Sohn Karl Johann Friedrich Nützmann (geb. 1861 in Carlsruhe/Meckl.) nach Indonesien auswanderte. Es ist anzunehmen, wenn auch nicht sicher, dass auch „unser“ Schäfermeister Joachim Nutzmann aus Groß Butzin, der Vater „unseres“ Schäfermeisters Christian Nützmann (1834-1896), ein Nachkomme von jenem ersten Schäfer Johann Jacob Nützmann (geb. 1755) ist. Sollte dies so sein, dann wäre der Indonesien-Auswanderer Karl Johann Friedrich Nützmann (geb. 1861) ein Cousin „unseres“ Schäfers Christian Nützmann (1834-1869) und ein Onkel „unseres“ Schäfers Heinrich Nützmann (1873-1926) aus Groß Lunow.


Die Nutzmanns und Nuetzmanns in Amerika
Nur weit entfernt mit uns verwandt sind hingegen die zahlreichen Nutzmanns und Nuetzmanns in den USA, die über mehrere Generationen bis zu jeweils 18 Kinder hatten. (Im Unterschied zur sehr hohen Kindersterblichkeit in Mitteleuropa während des 18. Und 19. Jh. haben in den USA seinerzeit offensichtlich fast alle ihre Kindheit überlebt.) Am ehesten noch könnte es sich bei Christian Nutzmann (geb. 1851 in Rostock und gestorben 1911 in  Bertrand, Phelps County, Nebrask) und seinen Nachkommen um relativ nahe Verwandte handeln.

2 responses

  1. This is realy wonderfull to me because family NÜTZMANN is my family my mothers name is Friedel NÜTZMANN.
    And yes Herr Phillip von Nutz is my ancestor to.
    I am very happy for these report.

  2. Its wonderful,
    NÜTZMANN is my family/

    Please,Thomas keep contact with me.

    Regards “Roy Huijer.

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